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Future Employment and Development


ds      Qualified as Level B Technician for Labor Safety and Health Management, graduates from the Department are well-prepared for jobs in occupational safety and hygiene related fields.


ds     Students can pursue employment in the government by passing the National Examination for Government Employees.


ds     Students may pursue advanced studies in graduate schools of occupational safety and health, public health, environmental engineering, environmental science, or environmental medicine in universities in Taiwan or abroad.


ds     Students may work as labor safety management technician, labor health management technician, fire protection technician, or other related jobs by passing the skill certification exams or exams for professional and technical personnel.


ds     Students can engage in jobs related to occupational safety and health or fire protection, or pursue jobs in engineering, inspection, engineer offices, public or private institutions, or related industry.


    The Department of Occupational Safety and Hygiene equips you with caring for life, the most professional licenses and the most diverse job opportunities.