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The Department of Occupational Safety and Hygiene 


        The Department of Occupational Safety and Hygiene was established in 1999.  To cope with the changes in industrial development and the trend that occupational safety and health has gradually gained attention, the Department aims to integrate the school’s resources in health and medical care and cultivate occupational safety and health professionals committed to preventing occupational hazards and promoting safety and health for workers in all occupations. The Department currently offers three types of degree programs: four-year BA program and two-year BA program in Day Division, and two-year BA program in Continuing Education Division.  


        Observing the trend of occupational safety and hygiene that risk management is expected to be developed into comprehensive management techniques, the enterprises have focused on the cultivation of professionals in risk assessment, safety and hygiene management planning, work environment measurement, disaster management and occupational accident investigation.  The Department has set up featured laboratories like the fire protection training room and the stainless steel test chamber in order to meet the needs of the upcoming trend.  Furthermore, we eagerly seek cooperation with the neighboring industrial district and fire agency to provide students with both the theoretical study and practice of the safety and hygiene of fire protection and related emerging technologies.  We endeavor to equip students with diverse professional development through the collaboration with enterprises in the Southern Taiwan Science Park.